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By Joe Mechlinski

The future is closer than we think. The standard 9 to 5 will soon be a relic, made obsolete by today’s advancing technology. In the next three years, we can expect a rapid burst of opportunities in robotics, AI, and automation that will engulf workplaces. Hiding behind the fear of being replaced by a machine is not the solution to addressing this tech boom though. The future is not cold-hearted and wrapped in a stainless steel bow, it’s flexible, creative, inspiring. It’s where leaders behind the implementations rise to the occasion, invest in technology, and transform their organizations. It’s where workers are empowered to find their purpose (regardless of historic limitations) and contribute to something bigger than themselves. Joe Mechlinski reveals the fatal flaw in our view of the future, how science can set us free from the rat race mentality that has left 70% of the American workforce disengaged, and how to look forward to the future of work.