Shift The Work

“Joe’s bluntness is clarity and should not be confused with the typical powerpoint business advice books. Behind his words is a compassion for allowing people to better themselves by an embrace of clarity of purpose”
– Richard Saul Wurman
Author and Creator of TED

“Shift the Work reminded me that vulnerability is a powerful force for creating trust and inspiring change in people and in organizations.”
– Patrick Murphy
CEO John Hancock Retirement Plan Services

Grow Regardless

“If you want to get bigger, better, and move past all the excuses, this encouraging and practical book will give you hope and a plan.”
– David Rendall, author of The Freak Factor and The Four Factors of Effective Leadership

“Grow Regardless is practical and compelling… a must read for every business leader trying to compete in this ever-changing financial world. Grow Regardless defines our purpose.”
– Bob Compton, CFO, Agora Publishing